Ana jimena bautista

Ana Jimena received her law degree from Cauca University; she has a specialization in constitutional law and a master’s degree in human rights and democracy in Latin America from the Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar. She is currently a master’s student in sociology at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. She has worked in non-governmental organizations and in the Colombian Congress, focusing on issues related to women’s rights, territorial/environmental conflicts, and the rights of victims of armed conflict. oject.


Ana Margarita González Vásquez 

Ana Margarita González has a J.D. from the National University of Colombia and a LL.M. in Critical Race Studies from UCLA. Currently she works as a researcher in the antidiscrimination and ethnic group rights area at both the national and international level.


Beatriz Botero Arcila

Beatriz holds an LLB from Universidad de los Andes (2015) in Bogotá, Colombia and is a music student from Javeriana University. She started working in Dejusticia in 2012 as community manager and worked as an assistant researcher in Dejusticia’s Global Area. She focused on issues related to ESC rights, mainly the right to a healthy environment and natural resources extraction.



Celeste Kauffman is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley Law School, where she did a specialization in international law. She is also a graduate of Aquinas College, where she studied sociology, Spanish, and gender studies. She works on issues of economic, social, and cultural rights (ESCR), ethnic rights, and socio-environmental conflicts in Colombia and internationally.


daniel Gómez mazo 

Daniel is a lawyer from EAFIT University and holds a master's degree in law from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Among his subjects of interest are constitutional law, critical racial studies, analysis of law and sexuality, among others.

In addition, he is part of Racial Discrimination Watch.


daniel marín

Researcher on topics regarding transitional justice and the armed conflict in Dejusticia. Political scientist and lawyer from the University of Los Andes. He previously worked as a legal aid for the ProFis Program of the German Cooperation Agency (GIZ) and studied in the University of Los Andes' Program of Global Justice and Human Rights.



Diana Isabel is a lawyer and has a Master’s degree in Law. She worked in Dejusticia as an assistant researcher in the area of strategic Litigation and is currently a researcher in the line of Economic Justice. Her work includes research and follow-up to the peace process between the Colombian government and the guerrillas.

Diana Isabel is an occasional lecturer in the law program of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia in the areas of Legal Research, Latin American Constitutionalism, Constitutional Interpretation and Constitutional Theory.

Her area of interest are related to social rights, transitional justice, public land policy and land restitution.


Juan Andrés Páez 

Juan Andrés Páez López is an economist from the Universidad de los Andes with a minor degree in business administration, currently enrolled in the Master’s Degree in Economics in the same University. He has great interest in research topics related with public policy, macroeconomics and econometrics.


Laura Lyons Cerón

Laura Lyons Cerón holds a J.D. from the National University of Colombia, with one semester abroad in the University of Buenos Aires. She has worked in the Cassation Court of the Supreme Court of Justice as an assistant ad honorem.


Natalia Duarte

Sociologist from the University of El Rosario. Her research interests focus on race, urban poverty, and the armed conflict. She currently works in Dejusticia as a research assistant in the rule of law area.


Nicolás Torres Echeverry 

Nicolás is an Economist (2012) and Lawyer (2015) of Los Andes University and student of the master in economics in the same university.


Paola Molano

Holds a J.D and she is specialist in constitutional law from Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Nowadays she is student of the master program in Political Studies of the Institute of Political Studies and International Relations -IEPRI- of Universidad Nacional. She has worked for Dejusticia as researcher in the gender area, also for Colombia Diversa as advisor in the legal strategy of same-sex couples marriages and as advisor for the Office of the High Commissioner for Peace (Presidency of the Republic). Currently she is lecturer at Universidad del Rosario and researcher at Dejusticia’s litigation area.


Sara Milena Ferrer Valencia

 Sara holds an LLB from the University of Cartagena and an LLM from the University of Notre Dame. She worked for five years at the Colombian Constitutional Court, where she focused on cases related with the rights of victims of forced displacement, prior consultation, rights to land and territory, and other entitlements to victims of historic and systematic discrimination. After her LLM, her work has been centered on the protection of human rights. In an internship in Human Rights Watch, where she collaborated in the elaboration of the reports: “The Risk of Returning Home” and “The Crisis in Buenaventura.” Returning to Colombia, she worked with organizations aimed at protecting Afro-Colombian communities’ rights.


Sean Luna McAdams

Sean graduated Magna Cum Laude from Brown University with honors in Political Science and Latin American Studies. His thesis, titled “The Marriage of Rights Discourses and Sexuality: An Argentine Story,” explored how the adoption of a human rights frame by Argentine LGBT activists influenced the types of goals articulated, the strategies used, and thus the reforms instituted in Argentina, both at municipal level in the city of Buenos Aires and nationally after 2006.


Sergio Chaparro Hernández 

 Sergio Chaparro is an economist, philosopher and Master in Law from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. He has worked as a professor of labor economics, as well as a consultant at the Colombian Center of Historical Memory, the National Union School, and the Ombudsman´s Office. He has also worked as a political adviser in the Bogota Council and Congress. His research experience has focused on issues of decent work, transitional justice, rural development, and construction of indicators with human rights approach. In Dejusticia he worked as a principal researcher on drug policy issues, social rights, and quantitative support to other areas.


Tatiana Andia Rey 

Tatiana is a PhD candidate in Sociology at Brown University. Her research interests include the global political economy of development; health regulation; trade, industrial policy and development; and transnational social movements. Tatiana holds a MSc degree in Development Studies from the London School of Economics and Political Science and a B.A. in Economics and one in History from Los Andes University in Bogotá, Colombia. Tatiana has also worked in consultancy projects for the Pan American Health Organization, the World Bank and the Colombian government on intellectual property rights and access to medicines, and on health systems and health litigation.