The Global Rights Blog is Dejusticia's international human rights blog. Since 2014, the blog has been a space for analysis, intellectual debate, and reflection about human rights globally. 


Our authors are economists, political scientists, sociologists, lawyers and other social science professionals that work on human rights issues across different thematic areas, including anti-discrimination; economic justice; rule of law; environmental justice; judicial system; transitional justice; and drug policy.  The blogs offers insights for non-expert audiences interested in a variety of issues.

Dejusticia is a Colombia-based research and advocacy organization dedicated to the strengthening of the rule of law and the promotion of social justice and human rights in Colombia and the Global South. We are an action-research center with an “amphibious” approach: we take deep dives in academic and policy-design research and writing with a clear sense of how such work can and will have an impact on our direct action and advocacy. To learn more visit our website.